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Agility Classes

Dog Gone Fun's agility field is currently located at 9310 Max conrad Drive Spring, TX. We train in an Indoor Airconditioned 100X100 facility where competitions are held. Come train where you will compete!! 
We offer classes for all levels from teams who have never done agility to teams training for international level skills. Here is a list of our curent on-going classes. 

Class Level Explanations:
Puppy/Learning Life: For dogs 8 weeks and up. This class is great for building focus, a strong relationship with your puppy, and other life skills. 
Foundations: Learning the agility skills and obstacles from the beginning. Only one dog in the ring at a time and each team works at thier own pace. 
Foundation level 2: For dogs who are still learning the fundamentals but who are not “true” beginners/ have been in agility classes before. 
Foundation level 3: For dogs who are proficient on jumps and tunnels, starting short sequencing but need more work on other skills such as contacts, weaves, focus, ect.
Super Foundations: For experienced handlers with new dogs who have strong competition goals
Novice class: For dog/handler teams who are starting to sequence and building teamwork
Advanced class/ master Sequencing: For teams ready to run Harder and longer sequences then in the novice class. Good teamwork is required for this class.
Masters Skills classes: In this class teams run a challenging full course everyweek and  work on developing stronger skills/verbal cues.
Masters class: Teams run challenging courses and or sequences whicle focusing on perfecting the Handling. Teams must be competing. 
International Handling: This is my Hardest class. This is the class where you get PUSHED. Good skills, nice understanding of dogs path, and good teamwork is required. We spend lots of time searching for the fastest path/best lines and perfecting handling. Best for teams with premier/USDAA/international competition goals

Specialty classes are fequently offered too!