Welcome (or welcome back) to Dog Gone Fun!

Here are a few guidelines to help you get the most out of your activities at Dog Gone Fun!

1. You may want to bring a crate to contain your dog while he relaxes between exercises or while waiting his turn.

2. Bring a bowl/water and any clean up supplies you may need. We require and appreciate your cleaning up any excrement from your dog. Bring water for yourself as well.

3. Dogs must be on leash at all times. Please don’t allow your dogs to potty on the buildings, A/C units or the turf between the buildings.

4. In some classes, dogs work in rotations. Observing other dogs in your class and how the instructor responds to their training needs is a valuable part of the learning process and we encourage you to take advantage of these situations in addition to your own personal instruction.

5. If Dog Gone Fun cancels a class session, an additional session will be added to the end of the planned class dates. This happens occasionally when there are special events at the training center.

6. If you miss a class session talk to your instructor immediately about a possible make up class. Make up classes are limited to one incidence and based on availability. If there are extenuating circumstances, email Monica right away (Monica@DogGoneFunAgility.com).Make up classes are not guaranteed.

7. If your instructor moves you to another class session, please inform Monica via email (Monica@DogGoneFunAgility.com) that you made that change so that your class fees may be adjusted accordingly.

8. Invoices **
For Ongoing Classes (All levels of Agility, All levels of Dock, Scentwork and Treibball): After week 4 of a 6 week class, you will receive an invoice for the next session to hold your spot in the next class.
~If you are not continuing, simply let us know (via email Monica@DogGoneFunAgility.com) as soon as you receive the invoice so that we are aware your slot will be open and we may allow someone else to join the class. Once we are notified by you, we will remove the charges you were invoiced from your account. We assume you are continuing and agree to the pending charges unless YOU NOTIFY US.
~ If you are continuing, payment is due prior to the first week of the new session.

9. Payments **
Payments made to DGF are updated in batches, so no need to panic if you make a class payment and do not see it on your account immediately. Please allow 48 hours for your payment to show on your DGF account ledger.

10. At the conclusion of your class your instructor will offer suggestions of classes you may proceed to next and also other classes available to you. All classes offered are listed on the DGF website: www.doggonefunagility.com. If you have questions about classes, email Monica at Monica@DogGoneFunAgility.com. ** Requests for specific classes/times are always taken into consideration when planning the DGF calendar, so feedback from you is greatly appreciated.**

11. To keep up to date with new classes and events, consider joining the Dog Gone Fun Facebook group, DGF Updates!https://www.facebook.com/groups/DGFCLASSES or simply search DGF Updates!

12. If you need to contact Dog Gone Fun regarding ANY issues please email DGF owner Monica Lindquist: Monica@DogGoneFunAgility.com. This is the official mailbox for all communications, since messages on social media and private texts may go unseen. You may also call:936-827-1612 (no texts please). Please include your name, your dog’s name and the class(es) in question in all correspondence.

We are pleased you have chosen to join Dog Gone Fun!!