Treibball (‘try-ball’) is one of the newest activities in the dog sport circuit! Started in Germany, it has been deemed as simply “ball herding” or “dog soccer,” it has slowly made its way to the US and has been growing ever since. This sport is not exclusively for herding breeds, any breed can learn and are welcome to play. The premise overall being that the handler will stand behind a line, send their dog out to a group of blown up yoga balls, and through their commands the dog will use both direction and speed to bring a specific ball across a “goal” line (in a specific amount of time.)

In this class you and your dog will learn the foundations and stepping stones of Treibball. Teams will use a variety of training techniques such as shaping and target work, as well as learning to control a yoga ball over distances with their noses.  This sport proves both to be extremely satisfying and will challenge both you and your dog to learn new commands, distance work, independence, and teamwork!