We offer Agility, Scent trials, dock diving and more, with events almost every weekend!

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  • AKC Agility
  • Judge Christy Chilcott
  • Judge Christine Bishop, VMO
  • AKC Scent Work
  • Judge Denise McClure
  • Judge Tracy Patton
  • Judge Francisco Berjon (Paco)
  • UKI Agility
  • Judge Kristine Schmidt
  • Judge Lisa Jarvis
  • Bonnik Berthelsen (Denmark) International and ICE course designer
  • Judge Mike Murphy
  • Judge Darryl Warren
  • Judge Terry Elger
  • Judge Terri Everline
  • Judge Michele Fletcher
  • Judge Cindy Blanton
  • Judge Michael Case
  • Judge Giovanna Imperia
  • Judge Bill Pinder
  • Judge Heather Dickinson
  • Judge Jeff Boyer
  • Judge Shannon Jones
  • Judge Jenny Burrows
  • Judge Karl Blakely
  • Judge Debby Wheeler