Building Speed Seminar – Agility


June 11th, 2023 from 9am - 1pm


26310 Dobbin-Huffsmith Road, Magnolia TX

Judge: Presented by Deva Wilson

Event Details

Building Speed Seminar – Deva’s most popular seminar is back! Deva is known for building drive and speed. Her border collie Panda is consistently running 7.5-8 YPS. In this seminar teams will learn they keys for building confidence, Drive, value for Jumps, independence, obstacle focus, and a variety of fun games to make them LOVE agility and get them sprinting around the course! Teams who already have fast dogs but who loose time with wide lines or by the handler being behind will learn the skills needed to set better lines, send from further away, and find that perfection needed to tackle every course with confidence.

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