Jody Lolich Seminar – International Handling


March 9th, 2023


26310 Dobbin-Huffsmith Road, Magnolia TX

Judge: Presented by Jody Lolich

Event Details

Bio: Jody has been involved with dogs since 1992, starting in obedience, then flyball, and finally agility. Her training philosophy is to have fun with your dog, and give as much to the sport as your dogs do for you. With her run with your dog handling style, she encourages handlers to move to the best of their abilities to get the most out of their dogs, and fine the tightest lines on the course, along with strong, independent verbal commands. Jody believes a good team is based on a solid foundation and strong relationship with your dogs is key. Keeping the focus on fun, play, and praise, Jody’s enthusiasm for the sport is contagious and makes agility training fun, and she will push you beyond limits you didn’t know you had.

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