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Dog Gone Fun Agility is the largest dog training & event center in Texas! Our facility is conveniently located in Magnolia, Texas – making us proud to be serving the entire Houston area community. We are located less that 10 miles from the Woodlands Mall and Spring, and only 4 miles from Tomball, TX.

We are here to provide you and your dog a place to have fun and learn together! With an ongoing schedule of ever growing classes and events for all dog sports, you will find non stop activities for you and your dog. All of our classes have detailed curriculums to fit every skill level designed by our professional team of dog instructors. With decades of combined training and competition experience, our instructors are here to share their knowledge and passion for helping you and your dog learn and grow! Knowing that each dog and handler team is unique, we believe in giving you completely individualized attention to achieve all your training goals, through competition, life, and more!

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At Dog Gone Fun Agility, our mission is to provide an incredible dog training experience for the whole family. We use scientifically proven positive reinforcement-based training techniques to give you the best possible results that are FUN for both ends of the leash.


Positive reinforcement training uses rewards (treats, praise, toys, anything the dog finds rewarding) to increase the likelihood of desired behaviors. For example, when a dog does something such as a sit, it’s followed by a reward like a treat to make it enticing for the dog to repeat the sit. Positive reinforcement is one of your most powerful tools for shaping or changing your dog’s behavior.


We are Texas’s only event center devoted to dogs and their people! Our turf agility arenas provide a safe, cushioned area for dogs to work and compete in. We also maintain small class sizes so that everyone gets individual attention. The highlight of our facility is our passion for teaching kids how to train dogs! We have an extensive Junior Handler program that allows children of all ages to learn to train their dogs while making friends with other kids who share their love of dogs.

Our Instructors

Monica Lindquist

Monica’s career in dog sports started as a hobby 25 years ago in Mississippi. Back then the closest dog agility trials were at least 7 hours away. Recognizing the growth of the sport and popularity in the area; together with the help of some good friends they formed Dog Gone Fun Agility and the Mississippi Mavericks Agility clubs.

Deva Wilson

Deva, our lead instructor and training coordinator, has been involved in dog sports her entire life. She began competing in agility in 2005 as a Junior handler and by age 12 she was already competing at a national level. Deva has been teaching agility full-time for 9 years using only the most up to date, scientifically based techniques.

Dan Lindquist

Dan Lindquist has a strong background in the military and law enforcement. He spent many years working in k-9 training. He owned his own Investigations business and when he met Monica in 2012 he decided to join DGF.

Susan M. Burton, DMD

Susan is a founding member of Brandon Agility Running K9s (BARK) Agility Club in Mississippi. She competed with many different dogs and earned Mississippi’s first agility dog championship with Tally, a Papillon, in 2002. She now provides remote administrative support to Monica (best friends since 1998) and all of Dog Gone Fun!

Rachel Kepczynski

Currently, Rachel continues to compete in agility with Cody, her Coton de Tulear, and is raising her Border Collie puppy, Middy. She’s excited to continue learning and to teach others about building the bond between human and canine through Tricks!

Victoria Frederick

Victoria has been training dogs for as long as she could remember. From years of borrowing her neighbor’s dogs to take on walks, her parents finally relented and got her a puppy, and soon she and her young border collie were inseparable.

Thelma Elizondo

Thelma has been actively involved in training and showing dogs for 20 years. As a child she spent time spectating shows with her mother and memorizing all she could from […]

Stacy Crivello

Stacy has been involved with dogs since she was a young child. She has worked as a veterinary technician, a groomer, kennel manager, and a professional trainer. She helped raise and train detection dogs that went on to work for customs, border patrol, and correctional facilities.

Clove Westhoff

Clove has been a lifelong dog owner and lover. Their interest in dog training started as a child, working with their family dogs on tricks and obedience. As they got older they continued to stay in the dog world, working at vets, boarding facilities, and training rescue dogs. They have a passion for the puzzle of dog training and problem solving behaviors to help owners attain the picture they’ve been striving for. While they enjoy working with all dogs, they really enjoy working with young puppies to help build the foundation for a well rounded adult.