Dan Lindquist

Dan Lindquist has a strong background in the military and law enforcement. He spent many years working in k-9 training. He owned his own Investigations business and when he met Monica in 2012 he decided to join DGF. In 2014 they moved to a full time location in Spring TX and began to work towards the dream of building a family owned business dedicated to dog training.

Dan has always had a love of dogs and has owned Boxers and GSP’s most of his adult life. He is currently teaching scent work, rat classes as well as dock diving here at DGF.

Classes taught by Dan Lindquist

Dock 101

In this class teams will work at their own pace to learn confident swimming skills and then learn to jump off the dock. This is a 6 week class suitable for all dogs from those who have never swam before to dogs looking for a bit more pool time!

Dock Diving – Air Retrieve

Air Retrieve teaches your dog how to fly. AR is a dock game in which the dog knocks off or catches a suspended bumper from increasing distance. Not only is AR another fun dock game, but it can help improve your overall distance and pop.

Dogs must be confidently jumping off the dock to join this class! 😀

Scent, Search, Find! Scent Work Foundations – 1 Hour Long

The sport of scent work is based on the work of professional detection dogs as dogs have a sense of smell that is up to 100,000 times better then ours! In sport scent work teams work together to find essential odors such as Birch, Anise, Clove, Cypress, and more. In this Foundations class students will learn how to properly handle odor, set hides for your dog, build value for odor, and play many fun original games!

Scent work is a great sport for reactive, fearful, aging dogs, and puppies! It is a natural enrichment activity that benefits all dogs emotional balance!!

Class includes a scent work kit to get you started! This class is One hour long and limited to 5 teams.

Urban Rats

A fun class for dogs that love to use their nose! Urban Rats will focus on introduction to rats used during sports like Happy Ratters and Barn Hunt. This environment will mimic a lot of what you see in an urban setting, encouraging the dogs to find rats. We welcome beginners with dogs who have not been introduced to rats previously and handlers who may be interested to try “hunting” in a different setting. 

Our goals will include:

  • Basic handling skills 
  • Team building for dogs and their owner
  • Basic rules overview for sports that involve rats
  • Developing drive
  • Searching and response