Dr. Chelsea Serrano

Dr. Chelsea Serrano graduated from Southern California University of Health Science in 2017. She worked in Long Beach, CA. She went on to run a clinic in Houston, and then later became a Clinic Director in Vermont. She came back to Texas recently to build her own practice. Growing up she played field hockey, surfed and played high school soccer. She attended Saint Mary’s College in the Bay Area of California for her Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Kinesiology: Health and Human performance and was a Division 1 rower and coxswain. In her spare time now, she does cross-fit, agility, scent work and dock diving with her two cattle dogs. She will begin Chiropractic and soft tissue therapy for dogs and humans at Dog Gone Fun beginning mid June. She specializes in soft tissue injuries amongst animals and people. She has worked with athletes of all kinds, and patients in all life stages including pregnancy, post-natal and childhood. She looks forward to working with you, your pets and your family!

More details on how to set up appointments with Dr. Serrano coming soon.  Email Monica@DogGoneFunAgility.com if you have questions.

Classes taught by Dr. Chelsea Serrano

This team member currently has no classes available for registration.