Mike Smith

Mike Smith has been involved in flyball since 1991.  He has seen flyball throughout its incredible evolution over the last 30+ years.   Flyball started by dogs running on dirt with manual starts and using the human eye to judge dog passes and stopwatches and whistles to start heats.  Today, flyball uses an electronic judging system with devices to indicate dog passes and timing systems to keep track of times as well as cameras to take pictures of dog passes.  He has been a part of 4 clubs and founded the Texas Twisters Flyball Club in 2004.  In November of 2022, he founded the Quantum Leap Flyball Club – a new club that is currently accepting new members.

Mike is the longest current acting judge in flyball.

Classes taught by Mike Smith

Flyball 101

Teams will learn the basic skills involved in the sport of flyball.  Positive methods will be used to train each part of the game first and then how to combine each part to complete a run down the hurdles to the box, catch the ball, and then return to the start.  Flyball 101 is for dogs just learning the sport as well as dogs that are familiar with the concepts and need practice.  Each dog/handler will be able to work at their own pace and level of understanding.

Classes are held in the indoor agility building on turf.