Victoria Frederick

Victoria has been training dogs for as long as she could remember. From years of borrowing her neighbor’s dogs to take on walks, her parents finally relented and got her a puppy, and soon she and her young border collie were inseparable. From early on Victoria was borderline obsessed with agility and dreamed of nothing more than trailing her dog. Of course they did all the standard obedience, CGC, herding, and rally classes, but agility was still a newer sport so she took all the information she could from one little dog agility magazine in her possession to learn.

So armed with several buckets for jumps, sticks for weaves, and various planks of wood she made her own course with which to train her dog (and all the other neighborhood dogs.) As the popularity grew, so did the availability of classes. Soon she was begging anyone she could to take her to seminars, trials, and events. At the age of 12 she was asked to host the dog agility portion of the summer community day where she ran her dogs as well as the fellow kids on her junior handler team. Since then Victoria has successfully shown five dogs in the agility ring both in and out of her home state of Pennsylvania.

Years have gone on, and although Victoria has put away the buckets and rudimentary sticks for training, her passion for training has never ceased. She is committed to teaching all dogs, no matter what breeds, breeding, age, and sharing her love for everything training to their owners. Her foundation of instruction is built on having the best relationship with your dog as you can, and letting that be the foundation for any type of training, sport, or activity you strive for.

On a personal level, Victoria is new(er) to Texas, having moved down from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania two years ago. She is a project manager for a group of engineers in Waller, TX. Outside of work she is very active and passionate about volunteering at a therapeutic riding barn in the area, and currently training for a half marathon in the fall. Along on this whole journey is her three year old border collie named Pilot. They live on the airport (just a happy coincidence.) He is her buddy and she is committed to filling his life with endless walks, lots of agility, and all the chick fil a runs he can handle!

Classes taught by Victoria Frederick

Agility Foundations

This foundation class covers all obstacle and handling skills needed for success in agility. Teams will learn fundamental games for proper jump performance, confident  contact behaviors, independent weave pole performance, and ring readiness.

This class is on-going so that you can join at anytime!

102 – Learning Life

This course will cover Focus, attention, basic manners, cooperative care, stimulus control, shaping, drive building, toy play, decompression, and how to create a mentally stable working partner!!

Please note that this class is appropriate for dogs and handlers of all ages! While this class is EXTREMELY helpful to dogs of all ages puppies under 12M will be able to participate in AKC star puppy testing the final week of class

103 – Brilliant Basics: Manners & Basic Obedience

This 6 week class is perfect for the beginner dog owner or for experienced owners with a new addition! Learn how to communicate better with your dog, establish a mat behavior, walk on a loose leash, and more. Dogs and handlers of all ages are welcome! This class is a great opportunity to socialize your dog. Be ready to bring cookies and toys!

104 – Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

The Canine Good Citizen program was created by the AKC to promote responsible dog ownership and encourage the training of well mannered dogs. The test itself is a series of ten skills that focus on making you and your canine partner just that…good citizens. In this class we will broaden out those ten skills and emphasize on the good manners and well rounded principals that come with them. Obedience training will be our main focus as well as working on communication between dog and handler. CGC is a great relationship builder between you and your dog and open to all breeds and ages. At the end of the six weeks the CGC test will be conducted

105- Advanced Canine Good Citizen (CGCA)

Looking for something to do with your furry companion after you pass the AKC CGC test?

What about increasing your dog’s level of basic obedience and manners within the community by learning skills for the Canine Good Citizen Advanced title?

This too, is a 10-step test of skills that dogs must pass to earn the official AKC Community Canine (also known as CGCA) title. This is a title that appears on the dog’s title record at AKC. All the dog’s skills on the test are tested on leash.

The goal of AKC Community Canine is to test the dog’s skills in a natural setting. For example, rather than the dog being tested in a ring, in AKC Community Canine, the “walks through a crowd” test item will involve the dog walking through a real crowd at a dog show, on a busy sidewalk, in a therapy dog setting, or at a training club.

Prerequisite: Must have passed the CGC test.

Enrichment Palooza

In this 6 week course teams will learn games, activities, and puzzles that lead to a happy fully enriched dog! Enrichment training has been shown to have many mental and physical benefits for all dogs. From bouncy puppies, injured, reactive, fearful, overly excited, and aging dogs will all leave this class with a much better state of mind!

This class will have access to a private online form where they can post HW, Questions, and new enrichment ideas!

Intro to Dog Sports!

Have an active dog that would excelle at a sport or activity, but don’t know where to start? With so many different activities out there, it can be hard to decide which one (or more!) that’s a perfect fit for you both.

Our Intro to Dog Sports class is here to help you find what you and your dog love best! In this 4 week class you will learn the basics and foundations of a new sport each week (agility, dock diving, nose work, and tricks.) This class will promise to be an exciting and insightful way for you and your canine companion to learn and grow your partnership together, and try something new!!

Treibball 101

Treibball (‘try-ball’) is one of the newest activities in the dog sport circuit! Started in Germany, it has been deemed as simply “ball herding” or “dog soccer,” it has slowly made its way to the US and has been growing ever since. This sport is not exclusively for herding breeds, any breed can learn and are welcome to play. The premise overall being that the handler will stand behind a line, send their dog out to a group of blown up yoga balls, and through their commands the dog will use both direction and speed to bring a specific ball across a “goal” line (in a specific amount of time.)

In this class you and your dog will learn the foundations and stepping stones of Treibball. Teams will use a variety of training techniques such as shaping and target work, as well as learning to control a yoga ball over distances with their noses.  This sport proves both to be extremely satisfying and will challenge both you and your dog to learn new commands, distance work, independence, and teamwork!