Deva Onstott

Deva, our lead instructor and training coordinator, has been involved in dog sports her entire life. She began competing in agility in 2005 as a Junior handler and by age 12 she was already competing at a national level. Deva has been teaching agility full-time for 9 years using only the most up to date, scientifically based techniques. In addition to agility Deva is incredibly passionate about behavior modification. She loves helping sensitive, fearful, reactive, and aggressive dogs live a happier life with their owners. Deva also started our Junior Handlers programs here at Dog Gone Fun bringing lots of education & joy to children wanting to train their dogs. Deva says “Mentoring the future of our sport & nurturing a child’s love of dogs is the greatest privilege and really honors those who taught me when I was younger.”

Some competition highlights:


  • PDCH Sliver
  • 2010 – 2012 Cynosports attendee


  • 2013 -2015 AKC JAC 12” Champion
  • 2014-2015 AKC National Agility Championship reserve champion
  • 2014-2015 AKC Top PACH dog of the year
  • 2016 South Central Regional silver PGP medalist
  • 2016 South Central Regional bronze PSJ medalist
  • 16 AKC Agility Championships


  • AKC Agility Grand Champion
  • 16 AKC Agility Championships
  • 2016 & 2017 AKC National Championship attendee
  • 2017 AKC TOP PACH dog of the year


  • AKC Agility Champion


  • USDAA lifetime achievement award Bronze & ADCH Bronze
  • 2 UKI International Agility Championships
  • 2021 AKC National Championship attendee

Thumper & Guppy:

Deva has two young dogs. Thumper is a 4-year-old GSP competing at the master level and Guppy is a 1-year-old border collie. We are super excited to see what all these teams accomplish!

Classes taught by Deva Onstott


This foundation class covers all obstacle and handling skills needed for success in agility. Teams will learn fundamental games for proper jump performance, confident  contact behaviors, independent weave pole performance, and ring readiness.

This class is on-going so that you can join at anytime

Agility Foundations – Sensitive Dog

This class is for those just starting out in the sport of Agility who have sensitive, reactive, or fearful dogs. In this class teams will work one at a time in a safe and non-distracting envrioment to learn all about agility! This foundation class covers all obstacle and handling skills...

Super Foundations

Super Foundations is the perfect class for young dogs with Experienced Handlers who have big goals. This class will teach teams the skills required to compete at the highest levels of competition. Handlers must have previous experience.

Agility Foundations 2

In this class we will continue building the foundation skills started in level one and start short sequences to build responsiveness, focus, and handling skills. This class is currently using a “group format” so that two dog/handler teams will be in the ring at once. This class is suitable for ...

Novice Skill Building

In this on-going course teams will learn Jump commitment, value for the bars, driving lines, Front crosses, Blind crosses, rear crosses, pinwheels, 180s, Driving circles, forward and lateral sends, serps, forced fronts, backsides, and more!! This is the perfect class for teams who need to learn Handling, dogs who need...

Advanced Sequencing

This agility class builds off our “Novice Handling class” to teach students longer sequences (8-15 obstacles) with increased difficultly. In this class teams will run sequences commonly seen in all levels of agility competition. Focus will be on learning the dog line, choosing the fastest path, and building obstacle commitment.

Jr. Handler Master Agility Handling

This on-going Agility class is made specifically for kids under the age of 18 who want to improve handling skills and teamwork in dog agility! In this class teams will run full courses that are commonly seen in high level competition. A strong focus will be on teaching the kids to...

Master Handling

In this Master Handling for Agility class teams will run full courses that are commonly seen in the master and premier level of agility competition. In this class the students will learn how to read lines and perfecting handling to continuing improving in agility competitions! This course is suitable for...

International Handling

In this class teams will run full courses that are commonly seen in high level competition. In this class teams will focus most on reading lines and perfecting handling.

This course is suitable for teams who are competing at a masters level or who have instructor approval.

Scentwork Advanced

This class is for dogs and their handlers that have been previously introduced to odor and have noticeable behavior change (or indication) for target odors. Distractions and different types of hides will be introduced for your dog, focusing on working comfortably in locations to increase confidence for searches. This class...