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Jarrod Onstott

Jarrod’s journey with dogs started with a rescue pup named Addy. Beginning in the 7th grade Jarrod developed extensive knowledge of all shapes, sizes and breeds of dogs through volunteering at Montgomery County Animal Shelter (MCAS).

Jarrod’s love for dogs is demonstrated in all aspects of life including his Eagle Scout Project. His project was a 3rd fenced in area at MCAS specifically for reactive dogs. Jarrod has fostered over 250 dogs and puppies. Doing so gave Jarrod lots of experience with blind and/or deaf dogs.

Jarrod has been an essential part of our Agility and Scent Work shows at DGF since 2022. His favorite activities at the shows are helping new competitors learn the rules, teaching others how to volunteer, coordinating volunteers, and making sure everyone is having fun! He loves helping with agility shows so much he is now a member of Conroe Agility Training Club and Spring Creek Agility Club.

He looks forward to helping develop the bond between you and your pup!

Classes taught by Jarrod Onstott

Balls?! Squirrels?! Trees?! Oh my!

We will start off by going over the basic Focus principles. You will learn what factors effect focus, drive, and overall canine health! We will tackle focus problems that originate from over or under arousal, fear, stress, and training. Teams will address how to prevent common focus problems and build...