Monica Lindquist

Monica’s career in dog sports started as a hobby 25 years ago in Mississippi. Back then the closest dog agility trials were at least 7 hours away. Recognizing the growth of the sport and popularity in the area, together with the help of some good friends, they formed Dog Gone Fun Agility and the Mississippi Mavericks Agility clubs. Along with BARK Agility Club, of which Monica was a key member, these three groups hosted a few shows a year to many local participants and their dogs.
In 2009 Monica moved to Texas and began hosting dog agility trials, doing trial secretarial work at shows, and supplied equipment for other local Houston area agility clubs.
In 2014 DGF would move to an indoor training location in Spring, TX. There they began offering a variety of classes Monday through Thursday, and hosting agility trials every weekend. While this change was an improvement over traveling from show site to show site several times a month,  Monica’s dream was owning her own facility. Finally this dream came to fruition in August 2021 after many months of building, planning, and hours of labor, the Dog Gone Fun Agility we know today opened it’s doors in it’s new location  in Magnolia, TX.